Read our investment philosophy at Kames Capital.
  • Investment philosophy

  • We aim to deliver superior investment performance that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations with an appropriate level of risk.

    Our investment philosophy encourages us to be:

    More agile – As active managers we seek to add maximum value for our investors by running high-conviction portfolios. We’re also more decisive, focusing on what matters and implementing decisions quickly.

    More collaborative – While we have stars, we don’t have a ‘star’ culture. We have a culture of teamwork, scrutiny and challenge that we believe leads to better investment decisions. 

    More flexible – We’re style neutral and look for opportunities to deliver returns across all market conditions, rather than tying ourselves to a single investment style, such as value, growth or momentum..

    More responsible – Ethical investing and an active approach to governance is not just good ‘corporate citizenship’. It is good investment practice and keeps companies focused on their shareholders.

    Best Execution Policy

    This best execution policy is the “order execution policy” for the purposes of the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). It sets out the approach Kames Capital will take to providing best execution to our clients across all of our asset classes. From our offices in Edinburgh and London, the principal service we provide to our clients is that of investment management. We provide this service by managing portfolios on behalf of our clients. This service involves executing investment decisions. This policy sets out our approach to delivering our aim of consistently executing deals on the best terms for our clients, having balanced various factors, some of which may conflict.  

    Download Kames Capital Best Execution Policy (PDF)   

    Risk management

    Our fund managers are accountable for the risks in their portfolios. They are supported by a dedicated portfolio risk management team and advanced risk modelling systems.

    Through a focused analysis of investment opportunities, our fund managers identify the risks involved in every decision they make. In addition, we use independent monitoring and control of risks to ensure that we follow the agreed limits for each portfolio.

    Principles of risk management

    We have a strong culture of risk management that operates at all levels of the organisation. We set clear responsibilities for different types of risk, with monitoring and control independent of our fund managers. Our approach is clearly documented, and we have the people and teams in place to deliver on our responsibility.